Top 6 Aspects to Consider while Redesigning Your Website


Website-RedesigningBored of your old website? Is your website losing out traffic and looks uninteresting? Then, it is time you redesign the website and give it a swanky new look that would garner the much needed interest of the customers. Following are a few tips that you need to know while redesigning your website.

1. Objective:

After a thorough analysis of the site’s Google Analytics account, and understanding the various aspects of the website, it is important to decide the objective of your brand’s website redesign. Find out which aspects of the website are working perfectly well, and which are failing to garner the much-needed attention of the users. Keep forth an objective and then plan the redesigning of your website.

2. Set a fixed budget:

Starting the redesigning of your website with a fixed minimum budget is essential, as you might end up spending more in the gradual process of developing a new website. Divide the budget in small parts, and ensure it brings out the maximum output of the innovative ideas you have thought for the redesign. It is worth noting that most times you might exceed the budget, but for an affordable website redesign, it is good to have a minimal budget in hand first.

3. Branding:

If you plan to change the design of your brand logo, then it would the right time to do so. Redesign the logo and launch it along with the re-developed website. Make sure it goes pretty well with the rest of the website, and creates a powerful impact on the viewer.

4. Redesigning the navigation:

Redesigning a website also means changing the orientation the web pages. If you are not happy with a few pages, or want to add more pages to your website, then it is best to decide a navigation that would suit your users. Make sure if there are any significant additions to the website, then mention them in the first page itself, as that might grab the much-needed attention of the users.

5. Re-frame the content:

Most times content of the website can be re-hashed to suit the SEO requirements that keep changing for various search engines. Updating the content and including keywords that will ensure a good keyword research feedback would be the apt strategy. See what is in trend in the digital marketing section, and try incorporating these strategies when you’re re-framing the content. Delete text that are unimportant, and try retaining stuff that has been popularly accepted by the consumers.

6. Include SEO strategies:

The most important aspect of web designing is to include Search Engine Optimisation elements that will ensure the ranking of the website on the search engines is maximum. Ensure you have included all important upgraded elements that will ensure your website gets the much-needed traffic after re-designing.

All these aspects when used in the right proportion will surely give you a website worth investing on!

Following these six easy steps when redesigning your website will help you get traffic back on your site.