Websites built just for you


We are experts who love designing and developing meaningful and functional websites. WittyCookie is your one-stop shop for a complete web solution. This includes everything from the initial designing, all the way to building it into a fully functioning website. Every business is special to us; get a quote for a price that’s just right for you!



We are the perfect web solution tailored to you. This means we need to understand your company, your clients, and your industry. In the discovery phase, our team will meet with you to learn about your business objectives, timeline, and budget. This phase lets us become a part of your team and builds the foundation to your successful online presence.


Drawing from our conversations in the discovery phase, we begin to design the layout and style of your website. We experiment with different colours, typography, and features to find your unique branding in the online community. We aim to enhance the online journey for your clients while keeping it simple and easy for them to navigate. With our approach, we will find the perfect and engaging design for you.


This is where the fun starts. The development stage transforms the design that you love into a fully functioning website. We create that colour-changing button and transitioning home page that you’ve always wanted. Our team will make sure that your website is smooth, completely optimized, and ready-to-go. So, sit back and relax - let our team take care of it for you.


Throughout the design and development stages, we continuously test and debug your website for optimal functionality. This formal testing stage is our last checkpoint before launching your website. We incorporate your feedback and add the final touches to make sure that this is your dream web solution. Once we pass this stage, we launch your website with you as a team and head out for celebrations!

Don't have content?


High quality content is what sets you apart from the crowd and helps you communicate with your customers. We understand eye-catching designs and how to create a smooth user experience to keep your audience engaged. WittyCookie takes it a step further by providing you with the right content to richen your website.